JLR Associates LLC is a hybrid advisory firm that blends the traditional model of evaluating investment opportunities with alternatives that supports oneís personal interests and values in a unique holistic investing approach.

JLR Associates provides personalized and highly confidential investment analysis for individuals who seek to tie a portion of their investment portfolio to personal interests utilizing both short and long term investment vehicles.

JLR Associates does not sell investments or products, nor does it accept commissions or referral fees. It provides personal advice, professional recommendations, and ideas. Our services are completely customized to the specific needs and schedules of our customers. Previous projects have included simple ideas on how to broaden long term investments in an individualís IRA to correspond to their personal belief system. Other projects have focused on complex high risk, and high return opportunities provided to savvy high net worth individuals.

Whether you are a low risk below the radar type investor or a high flying high risk and reward player, JLR Associates believes it has an interesting idea or two for you.


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