JLR Associates Corporate Mission


The JLR Associates mission is to align the long term economic goals of investors with their personal perspective and interests. Most investors have advisors that establish their long term portfolio using the latest computers models or recommendations from other professionals. They set out the proper mix of equities, both domestic and international, bonds and other investment instruments from a purely economic viewpoint. But do these investments tie into one’s values? Do you remember the various stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. without having to log on to your account and check.

What if you had some portion of your investments that reflect your interests and values? Investments that are intrinsically consistent with your value system, that you can relate to everyday and still meet your long term economic goals.

JLR Associates can do that by reviewing your current financial situation, understanding you as a person or family and by applying our broad knowledge and contacts in the financial world to provide alternatives that reflect your interests and values.


JLR Associates Mission

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