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For those of us whom have been blessed with financial assets and options, we face many decisions. How much do we spend, how much do we share and how much and how do we invest?

We all have advisors that help us with wills, trusts, gift programs, and investment options and strategies. They recommend investment options that take into account risk and reward in a full assortment of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks and bonds. These advisors provide much needed and necessary work, but do they take all aspects into account when making their recommendations? Is there something missing in your investment portfolio?

My education, professional training and extensive work experience provided a strong skill set on how to find optimal solutions to complex problems despite ever changing facts and circumstances. I had been involved in unique technical problems and have found proper solutions. I have been involved in the trading of very volatile commodities such as natural gas and oil. I have done research on the technical feasibility and financial advantages/short comings of new energy technologies. Professionally I have performed due diligence on the economics of energy infrastructure, and similar investments. Consequently, I understand clearly the tradeoff between risk and reward.

Over the past several years I have been in close association with attorneys, accountants and various advisors to establish trusts, wills, college funds and investment portfolios. I have worked with several investment advisors on mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, IRAs, fixed income funds, etc. to establish both long term investment portfolios and short term trading opportunities.  I've incorporated both the most advanced computer simulation models and expert professional advice to always do the “right” thing.

All of which led me to  something of an epiphany. What could I be doing to support others with my investments? How can I better support the needs of the planet, the needs of this country the needs of young people to find that first job or career path?

For prospective clients the greatest financial benefit also comes at the lowest cost. I only charge what I need to cover my travel/miscellaneous expenses, and staff support services. It is this unique customized personal level of financial service that only JLR Associates delivers to you.



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